Friday, May 18, 2007

Seven Tips for Single First Time Sellers

Ok, you thought buying your first home as a Single Homeowner was stressful, now you want to sell it. So where do you begin with all those thoughts running through your mind. When it’s time to finally sell your largest investment, many sellers are filled with questions and doubt. For Singles this transition comes with a different set of thoughts; do I really need to move, it’s just me? Is it the right time to move? Will my home sell? Who can I trust to help me? With these questions in mind, we have created the following tips to help you take the steps to move forward.

Yes “this” home has a special place in your heart but to sell, you now have to think of it as a “Property”. Of course, you are going to be emotional about your first home. How could you not, when there was so much excitement surrounding it when you bought it. Let’s not forget about all those memories you created in this home. Today however you’ve made the decision to sell your home; it now becomes a financial asset. It’s no longer your “home,” it’s now your “property.” Why think this way? Taking away the emotion will help you stay objective throughout the selling process.

Think what a Buyer wants, Location, Condition, & Price: No matter where your home is, there are three things that every buyer is looking for and what it comes down to is location, condition, & price. Location is location. However, you have the huge opportunity to make sure your home is in the best showing condition, and you have full control over the listing price of your property. Ensuring you make the right decisions over what you can control is imperative to a successful sale!

Remember, First Impressions are everything! Property condition will help you tremendously when selling your property, as well; it can also be as big a detriment. Touch up any necessary paint, de-clutter your home, plant fresh flowers, & make sure your home has a pleasant aroma, put away the laundry, make the beds each day and do the little things like turn on the music lightly when you leave. Yes, single men this means you too.

There is no looking backwards when you are considering Price. What you paid for your property has little to no effect over its current value, Sorry! It is all about the current market and what has sold the last 6 months. This can be a little hard for some sellers to admit to, because it’s something you have no control over, but the data is real and has to be considered.

But what about all the $$, I spent on Improvements: Improvements to your home do play a big part in the value, but the amount you spent on those improvements is not as important. If you spent $5000 on upgrades that doesn’t mean that your home is worth $5000 more automatically. This is only true if the comparables properties have lesser upgrades, again this is where market value is the key factor.

Breath: If you’ve priced your home correctly, made sure it’s in good showing condition, & hired the right agent, your formula for a successful sale is coming together. However, never forget you are still at the mercy of the market. Relax, maintain your home’s showing condition, and adjust the price if market conditions and feedback call for it.

Choosing the right Realtor is a key ingredient in a successful Sale! When you are just beginning to consider selling your home, contact a reputable Realtor® A.S.A.P! Ideally interview three Realtors until you find the agent who is right for you! Though cost is obviously an important consideration the Service the agent provides is really the key to help you sell your home.

Whether you are baking a cake or selling real estate, it is important that you have formula to accomplish your goal. Without all the proper ingredients your cake (sale of your home) just isn’t going to taste right. I think you get the point!
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