Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tips for South Orange County Single First-Time Homebuyers

Was reading this post this am in the O.C. Register and wanted to share as it is comprensive post on what to look for when buying your first home, especially navigating the buying waters as a single home buyer.

Three Key Points:

Financing First - I don't know how many buyers contact me who have no idea what their credit score is or debt to income ratio.   In order to understand what you can afford these are two aspects that must be looked at months if not years before you buy your first home!

Shopping Smart: Shopping smart is a critical factor when not only choosing the home you are going to buy but also the team you select to help you find that home.  Do as much advanced research on the Real Estate Agent and the Lender you select as the home you choose. 

It is a Process:  It is hard work finding your first home, but once you find it, that is when the work really begins!  Remember it is a process in which you have to stay committed.  That means no spending sprees's during the transactions.  Meeting time-lines and understanding escrow isn't closed till it is Closed! 

Buying your first home is one of the most terrifying and exciting life events.  For me, it was all about the team I chose to help me buy my first home, were they looking out for my best interest, was always first in mind. If you have any doubt then the last thing to remember is you are in control!

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