Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who Are Girl's Hero's Today?

This morning I had a chat with my brother about what to get his daughter for Christmas. As I was asking questions, about what she likes, what she mentions and what grabs her attention these days, I had this sad thought. Of course not about my niece, she is a beautiful, bright little girl and true blessing.

Now you know part of the problem is I want to be the "Cool Aunt" but more importantly I want my gift to have meaning for her.

As I continued talking to my brother, he says think back what did you like at 8! For a moment I thought, wow I don't really remember that much, but then it came! Who are girl's hero's these days? When I was young it was the Bionic Women or Wonder Women, though the Bionic Women edged out Wonder Women, they both captured my imagination. But I remember that Christmas when I got the Bionic Women board game and doll. That is a memory I hope to bring her.

Though I love to watch her excitement or involvement when a Miley Cryus or High School Musical song comes on, are these today's hero's? I certainly hope the hero's today are not Paris Hilton or Brittney Spears, or even shows like High School Musical, but sadly that seems where the focus is.

The thought has bothered me all day. One of my life goals is to provide an example to young girls that they can grow up and know they are loved and can be strong, independent, giving and believe their dreams are possible! So what a blessing to know when I was young these characters set those examples.

I might just have to create a new super hero for girls to follow..... hmmm what should she be.

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