Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who would have thunk, Irvine is the place Singles want to live?

Saw this article today in the O.C. Register and have to agree. Though the city of Irvine is often described as a "family" town, it is also a sought after home location for many singles. The reasons why my home buyers have sought homes in this community are as follows:

  • Location to the 405/5 freeways provides easy community to work, plus conveniently located to other social hubs, i.e. Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, etc.

  • Community provides wide range of social amenities, with shopping, restaurants, movie theatres, etc.

  • Design of homes offer diverse floor plans with in home offices, open living spaces, etc, i.e. no formal livings rooms, geared toward a more social demographic.

Of course, remember if you are a single home buyer looking to move to Orange County, Kelly is here to help. Our primary focus is the Single Community why because we understand single home buyers and homeowners have different priorities and goals. Though you may be looking for the "white picket fence" you also may not want to live across the street from a school.

Please do not hesitate to contact Kelly today for a complimentary review of your Real Estate Possibilities and your free Real Estate Report "The Power of One" Don't forget the $8000.00 tax credit available for first-time home buyers is scheduled to expire at the end of the year. Single-First-Time Home Buyers don't let this opportunity slip away from you.

Remember, It's Possible!

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LeD'z said...

Never head something like this before..i didnt know that theres a place like this...sounds interesting :)
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