Thursday, May 14, 2009

For singles a home is their baby, with loss comes grief

I am going to take this blog down a personal road that I believe is affecting many singles out there in this tough economy. I hear it day after day, that they are not only losing their homes, livelihood but as well their relationships.

Hopefully most are blessed with a strong support structure and surrounded by people who build them up with. This market is tough for everybody; it is especially scary for those going it alone.
This life transition we are all encountering is truly teaching us a life lesson and it is not about finances. The shedding has begun, those who believe in you will be the ones who are around at the end of this turmoil.

Unfortunately, with shedding comes painful realization that some of the relationships you counted on are going to fade into the sunset. Why, because for many around us it easier to bury their head in the sand then to reach out and build you up. Not because they don’t care about you, but rather they have not walked in your shoes and are incapable of understanding what you are losing. Your pain does not fit into their life. You have to cut back on socializing, shopping and your focus is on survival. You may have become a not so fun person to be around, but that is not your problem. This is theirs!

Losing a home, struggling financially and then adding the stress of realization that you are truly alone in this struggle is heartbreaking. For singles, the highlight of owning a home is equal to those to those mega life events, such as having a child. I said it, when a single owns a home, it becomes their baby! Yes, it just a building, but we all know what home ownership stands for and for singles this is especially important. So imagine how they feel when they are losing it. The same is to be said about their relationships.

Now that I have totally depressed you, it is important to understand this shedding that happens when life takes you down a difficult road is something that has to happen. Your heart is broken, but that does not mean you are broken. We’ve heard it before, tough situations don’t last, tough people do. But I don’t want you to be tough, you are not wrong to depend on people or to be sad about your life unraveling. However, being tough cannot equal building a wall around your heart.

So what do we do, we trust, we forgive, we build! You notice I put WE in there. Because you are not alone, this life challenge is taking you down a road to find who is really there for you. Focus on that with an expectant heart because good things are to come. Remember, people are going to break our heart, life is going to be tough, success comes with loving it anyways.

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