Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Single Women Slammed By Housing Crises

Ok, this is going to be short, but saw this headline today and it made me so sad, mad and inspired.

I get it! I am one in the same boat and it is horrible! I know everyone is touched by this crises but single women and men who do you turn to for help late in the night when the bills are running through your head with the fear of aloneness and failure is right behind.

That is where the inspiration comes in. Girls, singles we have to stick together and build that network of support that helps along the way. We should be applauded for taking risk, understanding the financial strength that comes from owning your own home and we should have a place to turn to.

Yes, we all have families, but I bet even with your families I know the feeling of aloneness in this crises is overwhelming. So I am going to be working on the Singles Resource Network which is a tool to help single homeowners find help. Have a need feel free to post it right here. Need a room mate, part time job, full time job, help with mowing the lawn or just want to vent on what you should do with your mortgage, etc. There is someone out there praying and listening to you.

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