Sunday, June 15, 2008

Portrait of a First Time Home Buyer

Have you heard the news, today’s real estate market is open for First Time Home Buyers. In fact just about 40% of new buyers in 2007 were First Time Home Buyers and the National Association of Realtors gives us a pretty good look at where those buyers came from.

Do you fit this profile?

  • Status: 51% Married couples, 11% Unmarried couples, 25% Single Female, 11% Single Male
  • Age: 52% were age 24 – 35 with 21% aged 35-44
  • Income: $68k Married, $68k Unmarried Couples, $44k Single Female and $52k Single Male. Interesting Single Women earn an average of $8k less but purchase 14% more homes then Single Males.
  • Down Payment/Mortgage: 73% used own savings, 22% received gift funds, 98% uses a mortgage to finance the purchase and 81% chose Fixed-Rate Mortgages.

Have you thought about buying your first home and know the window of opportunity is here, than we hope the above description gives you an idea that it is possible. Of course, all the rules apply, good credit, not over extending yourself and working with a trustworthy lender and Realtor® who understands the programs that are available for first time home buyers.

Though the lending standards are a bit more complicated, which I believe is a good thing for first time home buyers, there is the added benefit of the new FHA limits. In Orange County that limit is up to $729k. But keep in mind this program is currently only available till the end of 2008. So if buying your first home is something that you are considering then we want you to know, It’s Possible!

Kelly Turbeville is one of South Orange County premier Realtors® focusing in the Saddleback Valley and the communities of Lake Forest, Portola Hills, Foothill Ranch, Whether she’s helping a first time buyer accomplish the goal of homeownership, or coaching a homeowner on how to use their equity to step up into a nice home or use it to buy an investment property or finding exclusive properties for the high end consumer. Kelly is committed to making it happen. So if you’re considering selling or buying a home in Saddleback Valley, call Kelly to schedule a free consultation. Whatever your dream, with Kelly at your side, Its Possible!

The above information is provided as an opinion and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

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