Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Single Home Buyers - Are you sitting on the fence of indecision?

We have all heard the news it is a Buyers Market (yeah!). However, when I speak with potential single buyers what I am finding is they are stuck, sitting on the fence of indecision!

It is hard to watch the internal struggle and it generally isn’t about the details we here, value, price, etc. There is this dream of homeownership, but that is undefined for the buyer. We watch as they struggle with the difference between a house and an investment, treating a home like a stock. Questioning the family aspects of home. They know in their hearts they want to home. They see the positive impact a home has on one life, but just can’t vision the security it brings both in intangible ways and financially.

As a home buyer, if you are sitting on the Fence of Indecision, here are three aspects of homeownership we want you to take into account. Then call your Realtor®. You are never going to understand the blessings of homeownership until you take the risk and get off the fence.

First: It’s a home! It’s a place to rest your head at night, make memories and call your own and you get the benefit of utilizing it as an investment. But this asset is different from a stock. This is an asset in which you get two bangs for your buck, it depreciates over time yet it grows in market value.

Second: A home is a value asset and rarely will become worthless. Yes, there are declines and there can be catastrophes, but even with those issues your home will keep a major portion of value. The key is to remain calm and stick to your plan, even when there are decreases you have an incredible opportunity to make it back up, you are in control!

Let’s not forget the memories your home has, I have never had anyone tell me their memories were worthless.

Third: Let’s not forget the tax benefits, what other investment can you put in 5 percent of the cost, enjoy all the appreciation. Remember, your investment to start is the down payment yet you are getting a return based on the value of the home.

If you live in the home at least two years, depending on your status you get this other great little opportunity to keep a huge portion of your wealth tax free up to $250k. In addition, let’s not forget the other benefits the government gives us that include: property tax write offs, interest rate deductions and as noted above depreciations.

Hello, what other avenues of investments give you this little upside?

As you are making your decision to get off the fence, though all the above financial aspects are important, in your heart you know the most important answer you are searching for is that feeling a home provides. Focus on this and the rest will follow.

Don’t let this market pass you bye. We have a window of opportunity currently that Orange County has not seen in years: Selection of homes is high, demand is low, interest rates are still low and the government, just made the deal all the more sweeter with the Stimulus Package.

To find out what your best plan of action is contact us today!

Kelly Turbeville is one of South Orange County premier Realtors® focusing in the Saddleback Valley and the communities of Lake Forest, Portola Hills, Foothill Ranch, Trabuco Canyon, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita. Whether she’s helping a first time buyer accomplish the goal of homeownership, or coaching a homeowner on how to use their equity to step up into a nice home or use it to buy an investment property or finding exclusive properties for the high end consumer. Kelly is committed to making it happen. So if you’re considering selling or buying a home in Saddleback Valley, call Kelly to schedule a free consultation. Whatever your dream, with Kelly at your side, It’s Possible!

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