Sunday, February 25, 2007

The New Home Buyer

You go girls! Did you know women single buyers is the fastest growing segement in the real estate market. Question why, well first let's start with the fact that single women are waiting much longer to get married then previous decades. Secondly, single girls are establishing themselves far more financial secure then men of the same age. As to why, well this girl did it for the simple fact I knew my security lied within me not waiting for prince charming to come along.

It is not only houses, look at such brands as Nike who have developed a whole marketing campaign geared toward strong women or Dove is another example. Why because these companies realize the purchasing power behind women.

So should you be questioning the next step in homeownership, then make sure to review your possibilities with me. I have developed a program to help you understand the market place and find a home that is designed to inspire your strength and help you find balance between the social and financial tug of war that keeps some singles waiting to take the next steps.

Remember, It's Possible

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